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Post-Partum Care

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In our unit, you can expect:

Support in caring for yourself. Throughout your stay, we encourage parents to learn about: 

  • Getting proper rest and recovery 
  • Coping with baby blues 
  • Physical and lifestyle changes 
  • Medication management 

Lactation Services. A lactation consultant is available during your hospital stay. Our nurses have extensive training and can help you be successful with breastfeeding or learning how to formula feed. 

Security measures: We want our new parents to feel secure that their baby is also safe and sound. For that reason, Carolina Pines has instituted a number of security measures to ensure that our newborns are safe and there is no confusion in keeping the newborn with their family. Both mother and baby are given matching identification bracelets to ensure that the right baby gets to the right mother.

Going home: We will make sure you have follow up appointments for you and your baby before you go home. You also must choose a name for your baby before discharge. Please remember that birth certificate forms must be completed before you and your child are discharged from the hospital. You will be given the proper paper work to order your child's’ birth certificate, which you can complete after you return home.

Car Seat Safety: Car seats and boosters provide protection for infants and children in a crash. Prior to admission to the hospital, it is highly recommended that your car seat base be properly installed and inspected to facilitate taking your baby home safely. For information regarding installation, appropriate car seat types, and further recommendations, visit

Meeting your baby for the very first time is a moment you'll remember forevever. Our experienced team works hard to help you and your newborn feel safe, comfortable, and supported after delivery.

Educational Resources

Car Seat Safety Resources