Visitor Information

Having family and friends visit while you are in the hospital can be an important part of your recovery process, so we try to be as accommodating as possible with our visitation policy. However, rest is also very important to people who are recovering from illness or surgery, so we ask that you and your visitors observe the guidelines we have established.

Guidelines for Visitors

  • General and Pediatric Units:  8:00 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.
  • Only two visitors at a time.
  • Visits should be brief to avoid tiring the patient.
  • Children are welcome visitors, but please do not leave them unattended in waiting or patient areas.
  • When the physician is consulting, or special care is in progress, visitors may be asked to leave the room.
  • Observation of all smoking restrictions is required. Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center is a tobacco-free campus.
  • Visitors should not bring food to patients without the approval of a physician.
  • Please be courteous to others and keep noise to a minimum.
  • Intensive Care Unit: Only two visitors at a time. No children under the age of 12

Overnight Visitors

On occasion, it may be necessary for a family member to spend the night with a seriously ill patient or child.  If you have needs we are not meeting, please contact your nurse.

If you have any questions regarding specific visiting hours, we encourage you to call (843) 339-2100.

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