Patient Stories

"Could I have had surgery at another hospital? Yes. Did Dr. Hassler and the team at CPRMC get me well just in time for the state championship? ​Positively."

When Hartsville High School team captain Devontae Washington broke his hand in the game against Crestwood, it could easily have been a season-ender. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Terence Hassler examined it at the game and two days later performed surgery to repair the fracture. Together, Dr. Hassler and athletic trainer Brad Robinson worked out an accelerated recovery plan with the hope that Devontae could be back on the court for the Lower State championship game. Barely three weeks after his surgery, Devontae scored 17 points and 14 rebounds, which helped his team to become state champions—a positively great outcome for the entire community!


"Are there two perfectly good hospitals near me? Yes. Was it worth traveling to Carolina Pines for surgery? ​Positively."

In trying to break a fall, Karen Leatherman broke her wrist instead and received treatment locally. Still in pain weeks later, she took her sister’s advice and drove to Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center, where Dr. Prashant Deshmane discovered a torn rotator cuff. “He explained everything in detail, even drew a diagram for me. It gave me a sense of confidence,” Karen said. Two days later, she had the surgery, and is now finishing rehab. An exercise physiologist, Karen credits Jimmy Sease, director of physical therapy for keeping her on track—and for allowing her to do some sessions at the fitness center she owns in Florence. Karen passed two hometown hospitals to get to Carolina Pines—because the extra 30-mile drive was worth it to her and to her shoulder.


"I can't imagine receiving better care anywhere else."

It wasn’t her pregnancy that sent Susan Farmer to the ER that night. “My heart just started running away with me,” she said. Ultimately, her OB/GYN, Dr. Scott Daniel, told her, “Your heart’s letting us know it’s time to deliver your baby.” Susan remembers the name of every doctor, nurse and tech at every stage of care—from ER to surgery to ICU to neonatal. That includes Sue Johns, who helped Susan brush her teeth and found a recliner for her husband to sleep in. Then there’s the team who saved her life and her son’s. “During sickness, you want someone to take care of you and care for you,” Susan said. “I can’t imagine receiving better care anywhere else. The Lord has the best for his children, and that is exactly what I received!”
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"When I recommend the hospital, I speak from personal experience."

Hartsville native Michael Northcutt was panicked when her water broke at just 33 weeks. "For Dr. Robinson to reassure and comfort me was a blessing," she said. Throughout Michael's week of complete bed rest at Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center, Dr. Robinson listened to all her concerns and answered every question. "I put all my trust in him," she said. Her baby was born healthy, not even needing oxygen. "After experiencing the excellent care of our wonderful physicians and staff as a patient, I chose to work at Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center. Now as the Director of our Wellness Works program, when I recommend the hospital, I speak from personal experience."


"It's like having a group of concerned friends who just happen to be doctors and nurses."

When Deborah Gandy needed arthroscopic knee surgery to excise a torn meniscus, she relaxed because she knew Dr. Hassler. In fact, she knew most of her medical team at Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center. Deborah also asked for her friend Ted – her anesthetist during a similar procedure five years ago. "It's like having a group of concerned friends who just happen to be doctors and nurses," she said. "When I woke up after my surgery, Dr. Hassler was right there to reassure me. I'm not very good with words . . . but I can't tell you what it means to have such great people right here when I need them," she said.


"For almost 40 years she took care of us. We're glad to return the favor."

It was a very long way from Detroit to Hartsville in 1946. But Marsha Krueger, RN, made the leap from big Midwestern city to small Southern town along with her husband, Dr. Kenneth Krueger. They never looked back.

Dr. Krueger had met Hartsville's own Dr. William Byerly when both men served as medics in Italy and the Philippines during World War II. Convinced by "Dr. Billy" of the need for rural medical care and the charms of Hartsville, the Kruegers came down to work with him for several years and then decided to stay for good. They opened the Krueger Clinic in 1949, which provided primary care to countless families in our area over the next 36 years. They retired in 1985, and the beloved Dr. Krueger passed away early in 2012.

After decades of helping care for us, Marsha Krueger needed our help in December, 2010. A sudden combination of problems, including heart attack, internal bleeding and respiratory failure, left her near death. 

Internist, Dr. Susan Reynolds – a local girl who had been inspired to go into medicine by Dr. Krueger – treated Marcia in conjunction with her surgeon, Dr. Jason Dameron and the nursing team at Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center. She not only survived but fully recovered, and continues to lead an active life in Hartsville.


"Did I have my first surgery at a different hospital? Yes. Did I get a more advanced procedure at Carolina Pines? ​Positively."

When Marion Hawkins had back surgery 10 years ago, titanium plates and screws were the rule. Recently, when the back pain returned and he started limping, he consulted his primary care physician. “Doctor Jimmy,” as Dr. Bell is known by his patients, immediately referred Marion to a spine surgeon, Dr. Umesh Metkar. He determined Marion’s spine was pinching a nerve and performed a six-hour procedure at Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center to fuse his vertebrae. “He visited me two to three times a day in ICU,” Marion said. Now, Marion’s recovering and looking forward to playing golf again. “I asked Dr. Metkar if the surgery would take out that slice I’ve got, but he couldn’t guarantee that,” he said with a chuckle.