Your physician, who is a member of our medical staff, will arrange your admission to Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center, in advance. Your physician’s office will inform you when to arrive at our patient registration department. It is important that you be prompt, especially if surgery is scheduled for the next morning, so any necessary tests can be completed.

Before You Arrive

Most insurance plans require pre-certification for non-emergency visits to the hospital. It is the responsibility of the patient to obtain pre-certification from their insurance provider.

When You Arrive

It is our policy to ask for deductible, co-pay, and co-insurance based on your insurance plan. Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center offers financial counseling and assistance screening to all patients on hospital accounts. We also offer a discount to all uninsured patients.

We recommend you do not bring valuables with you. We cannot be responsible for them, so we ask that you leave them at home or have a family member take them. Please do not keep more than $10 with you at all times.

Going Home

While we hope that your hospitalization is as comfortable and pleasant as possible, we know that receiving word that you can go home will be the best part of your stay. It is our intention to provide the kind of care that will make your discharge and return home as smooth and quick as possible.

Discharge  Procedures
Your physician will discuss your release with you and write a discharge order on your chart. Your nurse will work with your physician and the Discharge Department to make all the necessary arrangements for your discharge. We ask that you make arrangements to leave your room shortly after your discharge.  Before leaving the room, please check your room, bathroom, closet, and nightstand to make sure no personal items are left behind.

Evaluating Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center
The staff and management of Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center welcome your evaluation of our services and personnel. You will receive a survey call to give your comments and suggestions. We appreciate learning about our opportunities for improvement.

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