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The WellnessWorks program of Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center partners with local business and industry to assist with employee health care needs and control health care costs.

The WellnessWorks physician panel, consisting of general practitioners and physician specialists, can help the local workforce become healthier and more productive in the workplace.

Our four-point program focuses on:

Injury Prevention
The WellnessWorks program provides employers with easy access to health care information and services, including on-site safety talks, health events, physicals and drug screenings.

Injury Intervention
The program's cost-effective and efficient group of physicians can help employers establish return-to-work strategies and minimize treatment time and lost work days.

Service Coordination
WellnessWorks provides a communication hub to assist employers with scheduling and tracking cases. The Service Coordination Department acts as a liaison between all parties involved with managing employee health care needs.

Wellness Promotion
WellnessWorks helps employers to educate their workforce about health and well-being through services such as health events, health education talks, and corporate health club incentives.

To enroll in this free program or request more information, contact Service Coordination or Michael Northcutt, WellnessWorks Corporate Health Consultant, at (888) 977-3319.

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