Making A Difference In Lives One Wound At A Time

HARTSVILLE, SC (January 11, 2011) — The Wound Center at Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center has been open less than a year, but they have already made a difference in the lives of many of their patients. One such patient is Devion Amerson.

In 2004, Devion was involved in a bicycle accident that left a small cut on the calf of his right leg. The cut was treated and closed with a butterfly bandage. When Devion went for a follow-up with his family physician, the bandage was removed and immediately it was evident that there was a problem with this small wound. Even though it was being aggressively treated with antibiotics, it did not respond and continued to get larger and more inflamed. Dr. Evans, Devion’s physician, suggested that he might need to see a wound specialist and put him in touch with several such specialist and wound centers in Florence that were available in 2004.

From 2004 until February 2010, Devion endured several skin graphs, multiple rounds of antibiotics, thousands of dressing changes and a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort. “The wound would get much better and we would feel like we were on the road to recovery, and then it would become inflamed again and we would be back to square one,” said Mr. Amerson, Devion’s father. “It has been a long six years of watching Devion suffer and endure treatment after treatment .”

When referred to The Wound Center at Carolina Pines in February 2010, Devion’s wound had grown to 8 inches in length and was 5 inches wide. He had not been able to go swimming or go to the beach and had missed out on many activities like a trip to Disney World because of his leg. He had even had to give up his job at The Midnight Rooster that he loved because he was suffering so much with his leg. The Amerson’s credit Dr. Mincheff, Dr. Bannister and the staff at The Wound Center with the current results of Devion’s wound.

“Dr. Mincheff didn’t stop doing cultures on Devion’s leg until he found out the exact infection that had been causing the problem and then he could treat it with the proper medications. These medications along with the Hyperbaric Chamber treatments and special dressings brought us to where we are today on November 18, 2010 - completely healed.” said Mr. Amerson. “We have been so impressed with the staff at The Wound Center. All of the other medical providers over the years have worked hard to try to get this wound healed, but the staff at Carolina Pines was persistent in getting to the root of the problem and attacking it head on.”

“Now I can get back to a normal life,” said Devion “I want to go back to work and go swimming and maybe even get to go to Disney World.” Devion said that even though he had suffered for many years, he did not give up on being healed. Many good things came out of his experience. He learned how much people cared about him. He became stronger and braver. And he had lots of time to work on his Muppet drawings. Devion is a huge fan of The Muppets, and he has covered the walls of The Wound Center with his cheerful artwork.

Devion Amerson is just one of the many lives that have been changed by the caring providers with a persistent will who serve the patients of The Wound Center at Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center.