Dorothy Hickman Named 2011 Associate of the Year

Housekeeper - Environmental Services

HARTSVILLE, SC (May 1, 2011) — Dorothy (Dot) Hickman has worked for Carolina Pines since June, 1998. During this time, she has been assigned the responsibility of cleaning different areas of the hospital. However, no matter what area she is assigned, her work is always of the highest quality. She takes pride in that. No matter where she is assigned, when it is necessary to move her, the Associates are always saying, “Please don’t take Ms. Dot from us.”

You can expect Dot at least 10 minutes prior to her shift, uniform pressed and a smile on her face. She always has a positive attitude, and you know the job will get done no matter what may arise. She is spoken of highly by her co-workers, and when rounding her name is always called to be recognized for her willingness to help. She is very organized in her work and doesn’t waste time or supplies. Her supervisor once commented, “Dot can work circles around me, I don’t know how she does it.”